To transform Our communities into informed and vibrant members of society through civic, educational and personal development programmes. LOTUS CARING HANDS adopts a holistic and multi dimensional approach to achieve this
The war has drastically affected all aspects of life for people back home. Countless people were displaced by war and are still unable to return to their own homes and villages. The children and youth among them have lost years of education and consequently, the skills necessary to survive in that harsh environment; a substantial number of them are orphans living without their parents to give them appropriate direction and support. The administration in areas is working diligently with limited resources to cater to the basic daily needs of them. But it is not enough, and they need help from privileged people living in the western world.

Lotus caring hands assist in or provide for:
• Move away from traditional lecture-based education and shift the focus on developing hands-on, practical skills in areas such as computers, electronics, electricity, carpentry, machinery, etc.
• Bring in Tamil youth growing up in the Western countries to share their knowledge and experience with the students in Sri Lanka for mutual benefit.
• Supply of equipment where needed.
• Funds and grants for educational institutions.
• Maintain a well-stocked library with books and journals in the relevant areas.
• The awareness of the importance of protecting and conserving the environment.
• Provision of scholarships to encourage pupils to continue education beyond normal schooling i.e. university, college etc.