Flood Relief Appeal, Batticaloa Sri Lanka - Jan 2011


Unprecedented heavy rains continue and causing greater disturbance to livelihood in Eastern Province and some part of Northern Province. Estimated over a million persons displaced and more than one thousand houses damaged beyond repair and many more thousands houses partly damaged.

All schools are closed; people are taking refuge in schools and religious centers. The forecast predict the heavy rains likely to be continue for next few days or even weeks, more people are likely to leave their home and seek refuge.

Event like these are very unfortunate and it is important that we all should do whatever we can to give to those needy and help to get them back to normalcy. First priority is saving their life and ensures they have food and medicine and this shall help to minimise possible deceases come with.

LCH have already released £550.00 to provide immediate humanitarian help and this will be channel through Manitha Neayam Trust.

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