Restoring Livelihood Support - 2018


Restoring Livelihood Support

Project Location: Ramanathapuram.(Karachchi  division)

Project Duration: 01.01.2018-30.06.2018

Target population (direct and indirect beneficiaries): Person with Disabilities

If the project is already existing, interim &/or evaluation reports available - (specify Website URL or send jointly with this Initial Funding Request):

Before they were displaced mainly engaged in farming and had lucrative income and he was managed with all facilities in hand and also engaged in Cattle and Goat rearing’s. They were fully uprooted from the social and economic roots while they were displaced and their return unable to initiate their livelihoods.

Project Details:

The project aim is to empower a person with Disabilities with family members of war victims, through the provision of Cattle Rearing related livelihoods that would contribute to food security and increased income of the family and relieving them from further risk.

a.         Improved access to livelihoods/employment opportunities for survive as determined by the beneficiary

b.         Improved income of family income and standard of living

c.         Building capacities strengthening  persons with disabilities to ensure sustainability and  independence

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