Vocational Training Centre Paranthan Hindu Maha Viddiyalayam Kurmarapuram - 2009/2010/2011


Project Overview

Our  Vocational Training Centre aims to give the most disadvantaged young people a second chance in life, by giving them the skills and confidence to engage them to either take up an employment or start-up their own business.

Project Background

LCH has an opportunity to work with the Paranthan Hindu Maha Vidyalayam (PHMV) in partnership to create vocational training centre for the youth and other vulnerable age groups in Paranthan, Sri Lanka. As part of their commitment, the PHMV provide the venue and ensure the facilities are adequate for the evening and weekend vocational training programme and PHMV will be solely responsible for running the programme. LCH will provide the financial assistance to run those identified vocational training course and be a responsible partner.

This project is approved by the Director of Education, Zonal Education Office, Kilinochi on 12th November 2010.

Sewing Course

Gathering ground details from many trusted sources, LCH with support of PHMV, has realise that there is a high demand for sewing course and believed this will provide a steppingstone for a few to start their own business and generate income for them.

Off-school hours such as evening and weekend have been chosen to maximise the available resource and provide opportunity to vast amount of local to take part in the course.

Duration of the course is expected to be between 5 to 6 months. 30 students are expected to take part in the course. It is expected some may dropped out due to family reasons.

LCH Support

  • Provided full financial assistance to renovate and make the premises suitable for the purpose

  • Provided financial assistant for billboards

  • Funded for the machineries, purchased 9 sewing machines and other necessary kits required

  • Funded for the required skilled tutor and assistant tutor and also funded for a supervisor to ensure smooth operation

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