Livestock Project - 2019


Lotus Caring Hands takes immense pride in sharing the news about their Poultry Livestock project. This pilot project was conducted in Barathypuram, Kilinochi. It is a Livelihood project that will support a family of 5 members whose breadwinner was incapacitated due to the failure of both his kidneys.

The recipients were the first on the list of applications out of 20, received by LCH via NAHRO. NAHRO is an NGO based in Kilinochi, with whom LCH works very closely in SriLanka.  NAHRO helps LCH to recognise deserving beneficiaries in the given local area that have been chosen for the project.

The Trustees of LCH further ensure all due diligence checks are conducted thoroughly before choosing the donor. 

The purpose of the Poultry Livestock project was to create an income generation for the chosen family who had no means of financial support.

 LCH aims to provide a security to such destitute families hoping to alleviate poverty. This project will also enhance the skills of small farmers without having to go through the process of borrowing loans from financial institutions.

This pilot project was funded by two generous donors namely Mrs Yasothambigai Thirukumar and Mr Vibushan Thirukumar.  They were both immensely satisfied in using LCH as their channel to support deserving cases.  

The trustees of LCH always ensure that they fulfil their legal obligations by monitoring any project very closely by visiting the sites personally whenever possible. The purpose of such visits is to ensure that any risks of the project are addressed in addition to verifying that the funds are used in an appropriate manner for the intended purpose by the recipient.

As part of this monitoring stage Mr K Thavaraj, trustee of LCH, visited the project in March this year and was pleased to see the way the funds were being used by the beneficiaries. There are various measures in place to monitor and evaluate the progress of the pilot poultry project over the next quarter. 

 LCH looks forward to supporting similar projects and welcome you to come forward and sponsor less fortunate deserving families. Please register your name if you are interested. Don’t miss out in helping the needy – your small contribution could change their lives.

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