Chess Workshop


Young Lotus Caring Hands, a wing of LCH was launched to serve the youth successfully initiated the chess workshop in Dec 2019. This project, unlike the previous ones strives to stimulate the thinking capacity of the youth based in our Local UK communities aiming to shape it into skilful thinking. 

The workshop takes a different dimension in promoting teamwork, and formulating the concentration skills amidst the capable youth with a hope of diverting them from their attraction to electronic gadgets. Various examples show that children who engage in chess tend to thrive well in their educational and career development due to the skills developed that enables problem-solving, planning, patience, focus of thought and self-discipline

The chess club was conducted at the Alperton Community School on Saturday the 30th November and was fortunate to be conducted by Sainbayar Tserendorj, Manager, Trainer, International Arbiter, FIDE Instructor, Accredited Coach of ECF and his daughter Miss Sainbayer who has successfully coached several National players. The inauguration session was conducted with a free chess workshop where it witnessed a huge turnout of at-least twenty eager young children all anxious to develop their aspiring chess skills.

 It must be admitted though a much bigger turnout was anticipated, those who were present proved to be promising candidates to join LCH’s weekly chess programme set to be conducted from the 7th Jan 2020 at Northolt.

 There will be weekly sessions conducted every Saturday for a couple of hours where the programme will be carried out by Mr Sainbayar Tserendorj. A nominal fee will be charged from the participants where the funds received will subsidise the cost of organising this club.

The LCH directors took pride in organising this event by recruiting Mr Tserendorj and incorporating few anxious parents depicting that teamwork could reach miles.

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