Young LCH

Educational development is at the core of Lotus Caring Hands, with a primary focus of providing support to the younger generations, who will become the leaders of our future.

Young LCH provides a platform for younger volunteers to actively get involved in helping younger people in Sri Lanka receive opportunities that will broaden their horizons.

LCH has set up this volunteering opportunity specifically for young people to allow us to help other young members of society and see the changes we can make first hand. Helping those of similar ages to us is not only rewarding in a charitable sense, but is also more relatable. LCH welcomes the youth perspective and the inspiring new ideas that you can bring to light.

Volunteer with LCH if you are interested in:

           Making a sustainable difference to younger members of society in Sri Lanka

           Being part of a wider team who welcome new ideas

           Gaining a sense of responsibility and participation

           Building your skills and engagement with the community

           Seeing a project come to life from start to end

LCH believes a strong team of young volunteers will be at the forefront of the organisation, so please get in touch if you are keen to get involved.